The “Kistenfreund”

The “Kistenfreund” – because wooden wine cases can also be “friendly” opened.

The “Kistenfreund” is a tool to open wooden wine case nondestructively elegant and above all, easy . The box lid can be seamlessly re-use. The box may thus be further used for storage. Best tool steel, that knowledge of the desires of wine connoisseurs, sophisticated design and the craftsmanship of the best toolmaker from the cradle of industrialization guarantee for perfect function and harmonious design.

Well considered, simple and beautiful.

The Opening of a long stored wine case, possibly to the first tasting of this the vintage is in fact an almost reverent act for many wine lovers. Unfortunately, this moment has been missing the reasonable care. Since the 60s of the 20th century the wineries pneumatically scored Krampen use (instead of nails) in order to close the lid of the wine boxes. The opening of the box is carried unchanged since then with crowbars, screwdrivers and redeveloped tools that have one thing in common : the destruction of the lid. This is not only unsightly but also dangerous for most wine lovers and canceled the value of the box for its buyers. It is degraded to pure packaging – as well many connoisseurs and enthusiasts would like to continue to use the box as a keepsake.

The tool was invented by Frank Würtz. A Wine-merchant and owner “Il Barile” wine-shop in  Wuppertal (“after the horrible opening from  a case of Mouton Rothschild 1986 I was wondering:” Why can’t anyone create a tool for opening these wine cases ?? So I did it by myself “) and developed it in cooperation with “Illigen Wolf Partner” A design agency founded by Rick Wolf and Jörg Illigen.

This cooperation invented a traditional Tool. We produce this tool with six different craftsmen from Solingen and Wuppertal. Each factory is specialized in its workspace. From the stamping at the beginning up to the grinding and polishing at the end. A tool of which we are so confident that we give a lifetime warranty.

Description and Handling


Image 1-2: „Kistenfreund“ docked at the wooden case. The sloping ground and sharpened rounding of the “Kistenfreund” on the one hand makes it possible to drive a gap between the lid and body with simple pressure or with a blow open hand. Its wide blade head distributes the power evenly and prevents splintering of the cover.

Image 3: : The „Kistenfreund is used as a lever, in the direction of the wooden box. The length of the “Kistenfreund” provide an effective leverage. The “Kistenfreund” is tilted parallel to the wooden box. Thereafter he can be applied on other spots of the box.

Image 4: At the “Kistenfreund” side is a gap with a prong in the middle. It is exactly that large that  you can take the clamps of the box. Through the radius at the end of the “Kistenfreund” the cramps can be leveraged vertically from the wood of the side walls. Also any wood residues that might be inside the cramps can be easily removed with the prong in the middle of the gap.

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